Friday, October 10, 2008

Todays Sweet Offerings :)

Just for the kids :) Mini Chocolate cupcakes

Banana and Cinnamon cupcakes before the icing....Cooked using my new cupcake trays from Peter's of Kensington

After the icing (plain butter cream icing)..........Yes my icing tips are still missing **ROLLS EYES**

Grae enjoying a Banana and Cinnamon cupcake ROFL.....Shhhh don't tell him I put that on here LOL

I used this recipe
I will definately do these again :) Moist, fluffy and delish


Mama Mel said...

Oh my darling Wemsicle!!! And here I was thinking maybe you didnt like being called this :P. I love this blog! You go you lil cupcake:D


Wems said...

Yes I have to thank you for the cool name Mel :)