Monday, November 10, 2008

Lascinda's 6th Birthday with Cupcakes of Course ;)

Friday 7th November was Lascinda's 6th Birthday.....Of course she requested birthday cupcakes.....HONEYCOMB Ones :) So honeycomb cupcakes she got :) With some Straawberry cupcakes and white chocolate frosting

Yummy yummy yummy

Lesley has offered to do a bit of piping bag shopping for me so hopefully soon I will have my icing looking how it should *fingers crossed*


Lesley said...

Happy Birthday Lascinda. Those cupcakes look delicious!!!!

Wems said...

Thanks Lesley ...She had the worse birthday ever apparently *rolls eyes*

Cakes are no where near as good as the "cupcake queens" yet but I am trying LOL