Saturday, March 28, 2009

I have been shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is how I store my "Cupcake Supplies Stash"

I now have 2 Cupcake Couriers :) LOVE THEM!!!!!!

My first proper "Cupcake Stand" from Cupcake Savvy
I really want to get a few different sizes now
This one is a perspex stand I just haven't taken the protective stickers off yet....trying to keep it scratch free for as long as possible LOL

Some Easter toppers and sprinkles
I think i grabbed the sprinkles off ebay ???
Cute little chicks in eggs came from Sugar Craft by Rosie
Funky Chooks from Layla's Sugar Flowers
And the Freaky "Evil Looking" rabbits also from Layla's

I am a regular shopper at Rosie's

Stumbled across these frog mini baking cups while searching on Ebay so HAD to have them.........Of course LOL added a few others baking cups in to make the most of postage ;-)

Cupcake Wrapture ROCKS!!!!!!!
Little wraps to dress up your finished cupcakes :)
Love love love these.....and way to many to choose from
Lisa is great to deal with and super fast with email answers and postage

These are Cupcake not for cooking in but for dressing up your finished cupcakes
I had so much trouble choosing which ones to get I soooo wanted them all LOL
These ones came from Yummy Cuppy Crafts on Etsy.....I am thinking about sourcing some cool paper/card and giving these a go :) Will just fit that in to all my spare time ROFL

These cool little Cupcake stickers came from Ladybug Labels on Etsy.....Going to give making some cupcake toppers ago and thought these would be a great way to start ....Nice and Easy....just what I need LOL

These baking cups all came from the lovely Amanda @ Hey YoYo on Etsy :)

I have a few more orders to come from some Etsy sellers so will add them when they arrive

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Kristy said...

Heya Wems
I think your obsession is contagious - I am telling myself NOT to buy my first china/cupcake piece because I know what will happen! LOL