Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Better Than Sex" Cupcakes *Drool*


These cupcakes are devine...........they are my all time favourites so far..........I am in love

Quick easy and simple and the taste is to die for :)

Not to sure about the glaze.....I am not a fan of non pipeable frostings/toppings because they just look crap......Might try a ganache next time ;)

They don't look pretty but they sure do taste good

Recipe here for those that missed it in my earlier post....I followed the original recipe rather then Lesley's changes.....Thanks Lesley :)

These will be baked again VERY SOON!!!!!!

Oh and do you think Miss Abby enjoyed her cupcake ROFL

Till next time
Happy Cupcaking


The Cherub's Craft Blog said...

Sorta with you on the glaze, but the glaze does taste yummy !!

And what a slacker, no posts for a month lol!! Tut Tut!!

But school holidays are just about over *evil grin* more baking than ever when they are at school

The Wild Child said...

Wems are you sure about the sex thing....are they that good?


Wems said...

OK Michelle I could be taking it a little to far BUT they are really really good :)

The Wild Child said...

Oh I was just wondering how I was going to tell the kids I am replacing their dad with a giant cupcake LOL

I will have to give them a go though, as L said once the kids are back at school.

Wems said...

Ohhhhhhhh a giant cupcake husband sounds like it could work LOL Bet the marriage wouldn't last long though LMAO!!!!!!

Make sure you do try them they are delish.....and to be honest it is about the only cake my kids have really eaten in the larger size....Normally they just lick the icing off and then have a nibble of the cake :) Trust them to like these...the 3 little boys polished off the last of the ckaes this morning for breakfast before I got up....NO WONDER THEY WERE QUIET *ROLLS EYES* I am going to try mini ones today ;)

The Cherub's Craft Blog said...

Oh my Wems, before breakfast - well there was cheese in them - does that count as nutrious?

Wems said...

Dairy and wheat Lesley can't be all bad LOL
Don't worry they have eaten ALOT worse for breakfast before ROFL