Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2 days of Cupcaking

Yesterday was Grae's birthday so of course he got cupcakes :)
Vanilla with passionfruit frosting because they are his favourite

Darcy and Kane got to choose what toppers we put on and they chose Clowns because "Dad is a clown, Hey Mum????" ROFL he sure is ;-)

The best little Cupcake I ever made <3 Isn't she a darlin?

And the pink and purple 1st birthday cupcakes for Grae's great niece with my very own cupcake toppers.........White chocolate mud cake with white chocolate frosting *DROOL*
Didn't turn out to bad
Not sure how the cakes have turned out :( They may be a little over cooked because we had a major drama while I was making them. Kane got a HUGE bloody splinter in his toe. He wouldn't let me get it out and he was crying the poor little man, so I had to text mum to come and deal with it .............Yeah for Mums <3
Hopefully Charli-kay loves her birthday cupcakes!!!!!

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Lesley said...

wow overloaded baking, they look fabbo. and yes she's a cute little cupcake and I hope your little man recovers from the splinter. William had one the other day too, and we had to hold him down to get it out :( Not fun.