Monday, April 27, 2009

I tried something new today

It is Grae's great niece's 1st Birthday on Thursday.....We have been invited to her birthday party and naming day on Saturday so I organised a lovely gift for then BUT Grae found out the other day they are also having something for her actual birthday so I am NOT going and buying another gift instead she is getting 2 dozen cupcakes LOL

So I thought I would give making some toppers a go (because it is working out really expensive buying them all the time and for something like this on such short notice I just can't get them here quick enough)..........I am doing a pink and purple theme for her cupcakes, so went with that for her toppers
So these are what I ended up with ......I am pretty happy with how they turned out for my 1st try and especially because I had 4 little helpers :)

And here is the cupcake box I have started decorating for her

Will put up some photos of the finished cupcakes on Thursday :)

I am pretty stoked to have an order from a friend to do her daughter's 7th birthday cupcakes..........Pink and butterflies :) Doing those next week so will post some pics of those too

I have also had an email today from my sister asking for a flavour and price list for her boss in I best make up one of those LOL

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh all so exciting and Lesley is away and I can't even tell her :(


Melanie said...

They look really good. Looking forward to seeing the finished products.

(MGlatte NC)

Ruth said...

Wow! They look so professional!!

Can't wait to see the finished cupcakes.

Ruth xx

Wems said...

Thank you both :)
Just putting the finished cupcakes up now :)